A Modest Proposal on Alternative Obsessions

Angel of the Battlefield

Angel of the Battlefield

Death and destruction came last year and they will be here
ill-mannered, drunk, and stinking tomorrow so
with your soul right now kiss me to a naked cinder
full of un-silent love and grappling, I promise you
nations will continue reloading guns and rehearsing
stupidity tirelessly so therefore, and thus and such, in
what we call the meantime please allow me to peruse
the poetry of your velvet belly in a very non-
intellectual pre-postmodern intimate sort of way,
I want to if I may hear your heart whisper with
wet intentions to my heart things we neither know
nor believe but give strength to this embrace,
it comes to me on good authority (I swear) that supplies
of ignominy and scandal are plentiful for next week’s headlines,
so in this hour wrap the starry night of my
mind around your hips and dance bare-breasted in
the midnight sweetness of who and what we are together
revising history in all the ways that matter most,
I tell you this with sincerity–we can type obituaries
all day long or we can pluck nipples like guitars
and make the kind of music that life sings best.

by Aberjhani.

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